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The Charlie 1 Horse Sunset Strip straw hat offers a timeless, classic look with mindfulness and care put into every detail. From the patterned all-around vent detailing to the braided leather hatband, the Sunset Strip demonstrates functionality and reliable style in every inch. As always, the signature Charlie 1 Horse C branding sits just to one side of the gambler crown, and the tied fringe details of the hatband draw the eye. The Sunset Strip hat offers a 4” crown atop a 3 3/4” brim and is a great addition to any warm-weather wardrobe..

• Straw Material
• Gambler crown, profile 25
• 3 3/4” Brim
• 4” Crown 
• Braided Leather Hatband with Tie-up Fringe 
• All-Around Vent Detailing
• Signature C Branding